Tony London, SRES, Seniors Real Estate Specialist Serving Hampton Roads from the South Side to Williamsburg which includes:

Williamsburg, Newport News, York, Hampton, Isle of White, Franklin, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Norfolk, Virginia Beach

Who am I and why do I have the answers?

With 22+ years in real estate, and 14 plus years working for families and individuals, most diagnosed with medical conditions such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s and so many other special need conditions, far too many to list here.

Working with Attorneys, Guardians, Power of Attorneys, Conservatorships, and Beneficiaries, your family’s needs are where I specialize.

Let me meet with the family, mom, dad, brother, sister or others so you have an opportunity to understand first hand that there are times when the load being carried by the family becomes such that professional assistance is needed or required. Let me shift the responsibility of estate liquidation from you and let me carry the load.


Many times, there are issues with siblings, or extended family in that one or two create issues small and large within the process of selling property or even getting the property on market. My job is to protect you and the rest of the beneficiaries while selling the property. A beneficiary may state that a house is worth $250,000.00 and the true value may be $175,000.00. You are protected when you use the services of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Towne Realty, Tony London Realtor, SRES.

Many families come with stories of houses that will not qualify for buyer financing, so we look at the viability of making upgrades. Frequently there is no money especially if Mom or Dad are on Medicaid or other government assistance programs. Not to worry there either. As a rule, we have methods to complete the necessary repairs and not have to pay the contractor until closing. We have great people working with us to remedy virtually all condition issues.

Working directly with the primary Beneficiary throughout every step of the process I arrange for the following (at a minimum):

  1. Meet with the Beneficiaries and powers to be to discuss options satisfactory for the Commissioner of Accounts, attorneys and you.
  2. Meet at the property to inspect conditions and provide options from the start on the most effective process to follow to get the house on market.
  3. Photograph the inventory of the house and condition issues inside and out.
  4. Share where Mom and or Dad may hide money, jewelry or other valuables in the house.
  5. If there are hoarding conditions or minor repairs the cleaning crew will quote you a line item price to clean out the house, removing all trash from the house. Then based on your desires, the balance of the household items can be transferred to a storage facility you have control of. The items that can be used by someone are gifted to the entities you desire. Items the family desires to retain are shipped to your house.
  6. During clean out, all personal items uncovered such as family photos, jewelry or money are shipped to the families designated location.
  7. Open Seller Side Title Search to ensure there are no outstanding clouds on the mortgage. If there clouds, most are cleared by the Title Company you work with.
  8. Order an appraisal of the property to prevent any party from claiming the property was worth more money than it was sold for. Removing that liability is a major area of customer relief. All of this includes a current CMA or Current Market Analysis.
  9. Once the property is ready for market the sale can be pushed along as quickly as possible or drag it out which some families request.
  • All marketing is copied to anyone desired which was established in the initial meeting.
  • All contracts are reviewed by me and or your attorneys (if applicable) then once negotiated signed by the authority approved. You will receive a breakdown of the estimated net proceeds in the beginning and when a contract is presented for purchase and one more at closing.


Fortunately, I have surrounded myself with professionals who care for your family as if it was their own. Every contractor from yard work to foundation leveling are vetted and used by me or attorneys I work with. Each person allowed on the property carries proper insurance including General Liability, Workers Compensation, all are licensed and can bond on larger projects.


You know you are dealing with professionals throughout the entire process. Our goal is to meet your specific needs.


Should you require the services of a phenomenal attorney firm to walk you through the process please give me a call and the rest of the weight moves off you and the family and shifts to the Firm.


Tony London is a full time professional who has earned the

Circle of Excellence from the National Association of Realtors,


What is a Seniors Real Estate Specialist

The Seniors Real Estate Specialist designation is awarded by the SRES Council to Realtors who have successfully completed coursework on the real estate needs of home buyers age 50+

Tony London - SRES - Seniors Real Estate Specialist - Hampton Roads, Virginia